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  1. Zimbabwe Cricket mismanaged $6m ICC loan

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    I don't kno why the 'old guard' of the ZCU & other cricket-loving parties (well l do know - it's money, funding, backing, accreditation, blah, blah, blah.... ad nauseum) don't get together & create the Independent Cricket Association or whatever ala Kerry Packer stylee & form a cricket league DEVOID of corrupt, money-hungry, thieving bastards to get cricket back on it's feet for the players & the fans to enjoy again? Oh, look, a flying pig! Well l never......... :-(
  2. Google Earth exposes church’s unfortunate design

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    I wouldn't know, ZB - what does that look like?
    Like that!
  3. Grandpa’s memories of the Roaring Sixty’s.

    I didn't write this - my dad wrote it recently for a school project for my son on the 1960's and I just love it ... so thought I would share it ;0) (my son was meant to interview someone about their memories from the 1960's, so grandpa in Bulawayo threw a Word document together for him).


    In 1960, your Grandfather, living in Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia (Southern Africa) had just left school and at the age of sixteen had found a job as a Civil ...
  4. My first decade - part 3

    We’re all going on a summer holiday!

    We seemed to have plenty of holidays in those days. The school year was broken up into 3 terms with long periods of holiday breaks in between.

    I have vivid memories of overnight train trips between Bulawayo and Salisbury as a family and when we were considered old enough, flights on Air Rhodesia as unaccompanied minors to spend holiday periods passed amongst various aunts, uncles and cousins in and around Salisbury.

  5. My first decade - part 2

    Hey ho! It’s off to school we go.

    Amazingly, as a 5-year old in 1975, I remember my first day ever at infant school entering ‘KG1′ – as the yearly system was known in those days, before they became known as ‘grades’. I ‘think’ KG was in reference to Kindergarten or something to that effect and was a seriously outdated system by the time that I started school.

    I remember how frightening and how overwhelming it all was walking ...

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